Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Since 1992 our technicians have provided quality service at affordable rates. Most clothes dryers will malfunction when there is a build-up of dryer lint or inadequate ventilation. When a dryer malfunctions any of the following can occur:dryer vent cleaning image

1. A dryer fire
2. Clothes won’t dry all the way
3. Towels will feel damp after adequate drying
4. Clothing is damp after a drying cycle
5. Clothes are not drying and have a musty smell

Usually when any of these occur the lack of ventilation in your dryer vent is the cause. Over the course of use a dryer vent will get clogged with lint and cause poor ventilation which, if not cleaned regularly can cause a dryer fire.

Fireman talking about fire safety and dryer ventsThousands of dryer fires are sparked each year from clogged dryer vents. Lint can cause a backup in your vent and reduce the air flow which creates a fire hazard. When a dryer is in operation it’s designed to exhaust the moisture and heat. If a dryer vent is clogged, the heat and moisture then become trapped. As the dryer is working, the heat builds and because there is no-where for the heat to be exhausted the dryer can catch fire.

In older homes, residential dryers are typically installed on an outside wall, meaning the dryer vent does not have very far to go to distribute the heat and moisture outside. In many newer homes the dryer is installed in the center of the home which requires a longer dryer vent to reach the outside. In some cases the dryer vent could be 20 – 25 feet in length. A longer dryer vent makes it even more of a challenge for the lint, heat and moisture to be pushed out. This in turn makes the dryer more susceptible to catching fire.

It is recommended that dryer vents be cleaned once a year to reduce the risk of a dryer fire. If you notice your clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after drying, your drying time takes longer than normal or you see lint collecting on your outside dryer vent, it’s time to have your vent cleaned. Contact Delintz today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning service.