Do Your Clothes Take Too Long To Dry?

Do you have to run your dryer for multiple sessions to get your clothes to be completely dried?clogged dryer vent

It may not be the heater in your dryer that’s giving you drying issues but rather your dryer vent. When your dryer vent gets clogged with lint it can affect the drying of your clothes. Dryer vents should be cleaned on a regular basis to a prevent house fire and give you the added benefit of decreasing your power bill. Better air flow in your dryer vent will greatly reduce the time needed to dry your clothes and therefore reduce your energy expense.

Whether you have a side-by-side, stackable, electric or gas dryer in your home, a fleet of commercial dryers in a laundry mat, hotel, apartment complex or on a college campus, regular dryer vent cleaning is essential for all residential and commercial dryers.

There are dozens of dryer manufacturers on the market and each of them are made with a dryer vent. The vent attaches to the outside of your home or building if it’s a commercial dryer. If you can see dryer lint pouring out of your vent it’s a pretty good indication you have a clogged dryer vent.

dryer vent clogged with lintTypically residential and commercial dryer vents are installed on the roof or outside wall. If you look closely at the mouth of your vent you may notice clumps of lint forming at the opening. When you see these clumps this is another sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned.

Whether you own a Maytag dryer, whirlpool, G.E. (General Electric), Kenmore, SpeedQueen, Avanti, LG, your clothes dryer will have a dryer vent that can get clogged with lint over the course of time. Dryer lint removal is essential for the long term health of the dryer and for the safety of your home. A dryer fire can be devastating and easily resolved if your vent is lint free. At Delintz, we offer the best dryer vent cleaning service in Orlando. Our dryer vent technicians are skilled to quickly remove lint and get your dryer back to optimal performance.

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